Case Studies

Future Advanced Manufacture, based in Cheltenham was first established in 1981 and provided a tool room supporting local businesses. Today the business has grown to become one of the leading lights in the provision of R&D and advanced manufacture to the aerospace, marine, defence and motor sport sectors. Continue reading

With just 5 staff, 1 oven and 1 mixing bowl, Four Anjels began making a range of biscuits for a handful of independent stores. Since then the business has grown to such an extent that it now employs 40 people and supplies major brands including Caffe Nero, Graze and Pret. Continue reading

Introduction Founded in 1978, Streamline Dispense Ltd. is a Stonehouse-based business that specialises in the manufacture, supply, fitting and maintenance of drinks dispense equipment. Daron Sarrington joined the business as a partner in 1990, became Managing Director in 1995 and incorporated the business in 2000. Daron has since overseen significant expansion and innovation of the […] Continue reading

K Sharp Ltd is a Gloucester-based consultancy business which researches technology and how people use it; in order to improve how they interact with their tasks, systems, tools and the environments they operate in. Its founder, Barry Kirby, came to the University of Gloucestershire and The Growth Hub looking for support. Continue reading

Introduction Spark Brands is a sales marketing and distribution company that works with fast-moving consumer goods brands around the world. Established in March 2015, Spark specialises in marketing unique grocery and health & beauty products from Great Britain and abroad. Spark helps manage e-commerce strategy with a particular focus on export, ensuring that its client’s brands and marketing […] Continue reading

Introduction PowerFlow is a Highnam-based renewable energy company, dedicated to increasing the availability of self-generated power for the masses. Founded by two experimental engineers; PowerFlow’s work includes commercial solar applications, as well as implementing domestic installations on new builds, refurbishments and existing properties. PowerFlow’s innovation in energy storage systems has already earned plaudits from experts, […] Continue reading

Introduction Happerley Passports is a new meat traceability scheme that  helps you to understand what you’re eating and where it’s from. “If you’re a producer, retailer, intermediary or consumer, you can register,” explains Sophie Smith, Network Liaison for Happerley Passports. “Once you’ve registered, Happerley creates a free profile and you build your trading network from […] Continue reading

Introduction Bridge Worx is an innovative software business unit within Horsebridge Network Systems, a Cheltenham-based business providing world-class network and security solutions to more than 120 countries worldwide. Specialising in products to help network operators plan, manage and visualise their infrastructure; Bridge Worx’s software allows companies to test and trial planned networks, eliminating problems before […] Continue reading

Felix, Clarice, Cicely and Digby are the four siblings behind Sibling Distillery, a gin distillery based in Cheltenham. “Our parents own a brewery so it’s always been the plan to launch an alcohol brand ourselves” explained Felix. “Rather than beer or cider, it seemed more exciting to go into the spirit industry. We chose gin as it’s the most fun to distill. Whisky has to sit in barrels for years and vodka aims to be tasteless and odourless. Gin gives us complete freedom as to how it tastes and the opportunity to make something a million miles from anything else on the market.” Continue reading

Maybe* is a social shopping app that fills the decision making space that exists between shopping and buying. “Today shopping is a 24/7 activity that occurs across many channels on and offline” explains CEO Polly Barnfield OBE. “Despite all of our access to technology, research from Google and Ogilvy reveals that consumers are more influenced by word of mouth in their buying decisions than by print media, TV, brand websites and social media. Maybe* will help shoppers decide what to buy by facilitating their purchase journey.” Continue reading

Join In China is a multi-service agency based in Gloucestershire, dedicated to helping UK businesses establish themselves in China. Offering commercial expertise and consultancy on Chinese culture, the agency is able to boost the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and lead generation in a difficult-to-penetrate market. Continue reading

The Gloucestershire arm of the Institute of Directors is a local business partner of The Growth Hub. The IoD represents four hundred business leaders in the county and has a mission to deliver locally the four “betters” that their professional institute stands for. Continue reading