Workshop: Have you got finance covered?

Date / Time

8:30 am - 12:30 pm

What are your business objectives?

Do you have Key Performance Indicators?

How often do you review your KPIs?

Are you aware of how profitable your business is?

Do you have strong financial processes in place?

If the answer is or no, or even a yes, but they could be better, then this workshop can offer help and support.  In a competitive market, whatever industry you’re in, ensuring you have processes in place to readily access and review financial information is paramount for growth and avoiding business failure.

This workshop will get you to think about what your business objectives are and how putting in simple financial procedures will allow you to run a more profitable and efficient business.  It will be interactive, inspiring and informative to any size business, and is run by a tutor who has commercial as well as academic knowledge and is a qualified accountant.

Please arrive for registration from 8:30am, for a prompt 9:00am start.

Please note, this session will be filmed for marketing purposes. If you would like not to be included in the video, please let us know on the day.

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Have you got finance covered?

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