Maximising overseas market opportunities.

Trading overseas can have a huge impact on your business. As a catalyst for growth, export offers additional income streams and access to vast new markets; however it demands careful consideration and preparation.

Research Your Market and Customers.

Market research is paramount when entering any new market. Identifying where the space is in the international market, then understanding the difference in customer expectations and decision making processes, is essential to success. There is also a network of new competitors to consider, along with legal and financial regulations, exchange rates, international taxes and more. Our partnerships with organisations like UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) and Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) can help guide you through the fog.

Translate Your Business.

Translating your business in readiness for export goes beyond creating a foreign-language website. Let us connect you with expert translators who know the cultural nuances of your new market, and can offer advice and consultation on any changes needed to your marketing. Localising your brand and maintaining the impact of your message in a new language are both key considerations for any international business.

Sell Abroad Online.

E-exporting is a competitive and rapidly growing marketplace. With online retailers having easier access to export, you need to go one step further to stay ahead of the game. Our local and national business support connections can help to facilitate relationships with international distributors and stockists in your new international marketplace.

Protect Your Intellectual Property.

Not all Intellectual Property is created equal. New markets raise new issues and your IP may look attractive to a network of new competitors, whose marketplace you have just entered. Ensuring that you have the correct protection allows you to operate confidently and fully capitalise on opportunities. We know who to put you in touch with to make sure you have all the protection you need.


As well as having internationally-experienced Business Guides, The Growth Hub is a partner of UKTI and EEN. We can help you develop an export strategy and transition your move into international trading with structured timetabling and frameworks. Our connections with local businesses and exporters can facilitate partnerships you won’t find anywhere else.

To find out how The Growth Hub can help you grow your business, call us today on 01242 715400.

Case Study- CloudTamers


Cloudtamers have been supplying business management software since 1991. Their bespoke customisations combine multiple software solutions in one place, accessible on the cloud from anywhere in the world. Encompassing finance, customer relationship management, human resources and enterprise resource planning; Cloudtamers diagnose, supply, set-up, develop, train and support.

The Growth Hub assigned one of its experienced Business Guides to Cloudtamers. The first step was a full marketing analysis. “It was a relaxed but extremely effective initial consultation,” explained Nick Eden CFO of Cloudtamers. “Together, we identified the need to redevelop our website and refocus our social media usage. We hadn’t considered their use as marketing tools and our Business Guide recommended a strategy for both.”

The Growth Hub identified that better lead generation would help Cloudtamers realise their high growth potential. Also, the company’s strong reputation could be used to greater effect through improved marketing material. Whilst the client roster boasted some big names including UCAS and the Museum of London Archaeology, the brand image didn’t showcase this level of stature. “Our old website had a very homemade feel to it, very make do and mend,” continued Nick. “It certainly didn’t portray the types of big, prestigious clients that we are involved with.”
The most immediate action was training. Facilitated by the Business Guide; every member of Cloudtamers staff, from office floor to boardroom, was trained on LinkedIn. The primary objective was to ensure that consistent communication was taking place under the Cloudtamers brand. “Our Guide came to the office and delivered the training in-house, helping us to update the company profile on LinkedIn; along with staff profiles. He explained the importance of having a common message when talking about the business, that everybody should be saying the same thing."

Cloudtamers were attending SuiteWorld, an international enterprise resource planning system conference that was a great opportunity for them to make new contacts and secure new clients. It was important to get Cloudtamers branding and marketing material in shape, ready for that show. 

“We were recommended three marketing companies; who could provide branding, a new website and marketing collateral. We invited a total of seven companies in for interviews and The Growth Hub’s recommendations made up three of the top four, including the winner of the tender, the Isaac Partnership. The quality of the referrals was incredibly high and all three referrals were strong candidates.”

The new website didn’t take long to begin having an impact on Cloudtamers. “Along with positive client feedback, we have already started receiving enquiries and leads through the website; as a result of a more optimised SEO presence. One of our leads has even invited us to tender, an immediate and positive result.”

The Isaac Partnership also delivered completely new branding and a new brochure. “It makes us look like the professional, growing business that we are; having the marketing overhaul that we’ve had. We’ve established a good relationship with our Business Guide at The Growth Hub and we know where to go for more advice.

As a founding partner of The Growth Hub, the University of Gloucestershire is also able to offer invaluable resources to local businesses. Cloudtamers attended an Institute of Directors (IoD) event at The Growth Hub; which rewarded business-minded students with IoD memberships. On the lookout for additional resource, Cloudtamers had direct access to their target market at the event and met a number of suitable candidates. “We met Craig at the event, who was doing his degree in Business Management and specialising in HR; exactly what we do. We created a post and Craig was one of several candidates we invited to interview, eventually being offered a role here. Craig will be handling the customer services side of the business, involved with systems implementation, as opposed to development. He will be configuring business management systems to meet customers’ requirements, training them how to use the systems and supporting them once they have a system deployed.”

Nick is thrilled by his experience with The Growth Hub: “Our Business Guide was extremely helpful and well experienced. Hugely approachable, nothing was too much trouble. He really wanted to help and wants us to succeed. He’s an extremely good connector who totally understood the services that we provide. His experience at all levels of business means that he can see the opportunities we sometimes can’t.”

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