Streamlining Your Processes.

Operational efficiency will reduce costs and can increase customer satisfaction, helping you maximise the potential of your business and grow your bottom line.

Evaluate Your Facilities.

As a business scales up it may need bigger or better premises. We can put you in touch with the right professionals who can help you determine what you need from your buildings, where to be located, how to expand your space and how to best manage your facilities. Every industry has demands, we can work with you to assess and prepare for them.

Improve Quality.

Maintaining and improving product and service quality is a key component of competitiveness. Training, quality standards and accreditations offer evidence to customers that your business is the right kind of business. We can help you identify areas of quality improvement and refer you to organisations that can help you prepare for accreditation.

Optimise Your Supply Chain. 

Managing your supply chain effectively will make your business more competitive. Sourcing, procurement and logistics all need to be carefully planned and managed throughout the customer journey to ensure you can provide a continual service to the level you and your customers need. Complex procurement and supply chain challenges can be discussed at one of our free Advice Clinics at The Growth Hub, or we can connect you to one of our partners for more in-depth consultancy.

Processes & Productivity.

Higher productivity and efficiency means more capital available for investment and growth. We can work with you to identify productivity benchmarks and talk to you about best practice so you discover opportunities for process improvement.


We can work with you and connect you to our partners the Manufacturing Advisory Service (part of the Business Growth Service), to conduct an operations review, identify opportunities and help you formulate a plan to achieve them quickly and efficiently. Throughout your journey your Business Guide will remain as your point-of-contact and will maintain an ongoing relationship to assist and accelerate your growth.

To find out how The Growth Hub can help you grow your business, call us today on 01242 715400.

Case Study- Sibling Distillery


Felix, Clarice, Cicely and Digby are the four siblings behind Sibling Distillery, a gin distillery based in Cheltenham. “Our parents own a brewery so it’s always been the plan to launch an alcohol brand ourselves” explained Felix. “Rather than beer or cider, it seemed more exciting to go into the spirit industry. We chose gin as it’s the most fun to distill. Whisky has to sit in barrels for years and vodka aims to be tasteless and odourless. Gin gives us complete freedom as to how it tastes and the opportunity to make something a million miles from anything else on the market.”
After an initial consultation, The Growth Hub identified several opportunities for growth. Sibling Triple Distilled Gin has won National and International Awards, so looking at export options for the product was recommended. The second recommendation was to secure funding to help with the expansion of the distillery’s production facilities, increasing the capacity of the business. The third recommendation was to provide the distillery with meeting and office space. “The distillery can be loud and busy” explained Felix, “It’s not the ideal environment to hold sensible meetings.”
The first outcome from the initial meeting was to connect the distillery with UK Trade and Investment, as well as facilitating a ‘Meet the Buyer’ experience with international distributors, British Corner Shop, to look at the Distillery’s options for exporting their product. “In the end we decided not to retail through the British Corner Shop but it was an incredibly valuable process to go through and it was reassuring to know that The Growth Hub have those kinds of contacts for the future.”

“Securing funding lets us take a very big step forward production-wise. We mainly need bottling equipment at this point, but there are other things as well which could increase our capacity as well as making our production processes more efficient.” Sibling Distillery will secure funding though the Regional Growth Fund which will go towards new manufacturing and equipment, training, new prototype bottles, website improvements and trade show attendance. The Growth Hub is supporting the Distillery’s application by assisting with the Expression of Interest paperwork, the full application form as well as the meeting with the funding team.

Sibling Distillery also began taking advantage of The Growth Hub as a meeting space, utilising the various spaces and rooms available for meeting potential distributors and suppliers as well as individuals from other sources of funding. “The Growth Hub is great as a meeting place and the seminars and masterclasses are also really valuable. There are lots of very useful, very educational opportunities. It’s nice to be able to hear someone speaking or meet with someone and bounce off ideas, especially in areas where you don't have that much expertise.”

The biggest step for Sibling Distillery is to continue to secure funding to upscale production. The Growth Hub will support them with upcoming bids as well as help them with business strategy to maximise the effectiveness of their operation through the funding received.

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