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All businesses depend upon their employees. From growing SMEs to multi-nationals, it’s the people that make the difference. Let us help you identify your areas for growth; in staffing, leadership, HR and more.

Evaluate your Skills.

Together we can assess your team to make sure that everybody has the right skills to be productive and efficient. Reduce your staff turnover, improve your people retention rate and get smart about monitoring employee capacity. Speak to a Business Guide today.

Train your Staff.

Should you recruit more staff or upskill your existing workforce? Which will enable you to respond most effectively to opportunity? Leverage our network of consultants, training providers and recruiters and join our learning programmes to tackle skills gaps in your organisation – our short courses and masterclasses offer the flexibility and variety that your growing business demands.

Employment Compliance.

The challenge of employment law and compliance can be unfamiliar, but we can help you understand the complex regulatory factors that come into play. Our tailored, free, one-to-one HR advice clinics offer a targeted way to help you take immediate action on a number of challenges.

Improve Leadership.

Take your business in the right direction by ensuring that your management team is effectively driving your business forward. The speed of your growth is determined by the strength of your leadership; and every employee has different demands. Our experienced business experts, many of whom have faced the same challenges that you are facing, can guide you through the process.


As a high growth business, your Business Guide remains your point-of-contact for the entire business journey. They are your source of support and guidance and will work alongside you to realise your Growth Plan, mapping your accelerated growth and helping your business achieve its goals.

To find out how The Growth Hub can help you grow your business, call us today on 01242 715400.

Case Study- Institute of Directors


The Gloucestershire arm of the Institute of Directors is a local business partner of The Growth Hub. The IoD represents four hundred business leaders in the county and has a mission to deliver locally the four “betters” that their professional institute stands for:

• "better directors" through director development workshops and engaging the county’s future directors
• "better business" connecting local business leaders through a strong local, regional and national network
• "better services" providing relevant events and peer engagement for members.

Barbara Stopher, Chair of IoD Gloucestershire explains: “Our mission is so closely aligned with GFirst LEP and The Growth Hub’s aspirations for the county that we are delighted to be a founding member of GFirst’s Business Membership Group; which allows a regular two-way flow of news and views between The Growth Hub and the business community.”

The natural and mutually beneficial relationship between The Growth Hub and the IoD is focused on bringing academic and business communities together. Karlee Jarvis, now a Business Guide for The Growth Hub, met with Barbara in 2013 to discuss the new concept of IoD student membership as one way to develop the entrepreneurial spirit of young people in Gloucestershire. 

After extensive planning, the scheme was launched at The Growth Hub in 2014; with 13 ambitious University of Gloucestershire undergraduates and 8 Growth Hub Start-Up businesses being awarded memberships. At the event, students and entrepreneurs networked with fellow IoD members and Superdry Founder Julian Dunkerton. 

Barbara explains why this prestigious event was held at The Growth Hub: “The Growth Hub was the perfect venue and partner for this; not only because they offered support to the venture but also it gave an ideal environment for both the networking and formal presentation space that we needed for some seventy people.”

The partnership has also seen a number of first and second year undergraduates receive 1:1 mentoring from local IoD members who were happy to volunteer their time and expertise to help to develop the next generation of directors and business leaders in the county.

The partnership is continuing, with another celebration event in November 2015 to welcome a further 50 students and start-up businesses to IoD Student Membership. Three of last year’s student members will be returning as speakers and Julian Dunkerton has been invited to return to see the progress of new members that he met in 2014.

“I am incredibly proud of the way that the IoD has been able to partner locally with the University of Gloucestershire and The Growth Hub through this initiative” continued Barbara, “2014-15 was an incredibly successful pilot, with high levels of engagement from all student members. Besides fast-tracking young talent, the IoD Student Membership scheme is a real boost to the business community in nurturing entrepreneurial spirit and bringing fresh, creative minds to Gloucestershire business. Two of last year’s student members are launching an Enterprise Society in partnership with the IoD, within the university. This will put on a programme of events to engage local IoD members and provide a focus for student mentoring.”

University Vice Chancellor Stephen Marston is also a strong supporter of the student membership scheme: “It is through strategic partnerships like this that the University of Gloucestershire and The Growth Hub are helping to accelerate the growth of the county’s economy. We want to equip entrepreneurial individuals, at the start of their journey, with the skills and support to succeed. Working with the Institute of Directors lets us take this one step further.”

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