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ONLINE WORKSHOP: How to solve any problem with your brand

19th October 2021 | 09:00 - 12:00 WORKSHOP
Sales & marketing
People & skills

Event description

How do you solve problems in your business? If it's a revenue problem we usually turn to sales solutions. If its a lead generation problem we usually turn to marketing solutions. These solutions may patch a leak, but until you get a plumber in you’ll never solve the real problem for the long-term. Your brand serves a much more important part of building and growing a business.

Please note, this workshop will be held on Zoom. The online workshop format gives you the chance to fully participate in group discussion via video, ask questions throughout the session, learn from like-minded business owners, and build connections. Our online workshops work in the same way as our standard events, with a limited number of attendees, and an expert Delivery Partner leading the session, to ensure you’re able to receive personalised support.

What will I learn?

  • Why ‘more sales’ only solves a short-term problem.
  • Why marketing won’t solve your lead generation problem.
  • The 4 pillars of Brand Confidence®.
  • How to use your brand to solve ANY problem.
  • How to decide which problem needs solving FIRST.

Who should attend?

If you are a business owner, work in sales or marketing and have ever felt frustrated with any part of your business performance - this is for you.

About the speaker

Danny Matthews , Danny and Co.

Danny Matthews has been called a ‘Creative Genius’. From running a tattoo shop at 18 to becoming the first mortgage advisor to digitise the mortgage application process, he has a natural story-telling ability that he uses to solve real business problems with creative design and branding.
Through his trademark Brand Confidence® program he has helped launch some of the most exciting and innovative brands of tomorrow by getting their products and services into the right hands.
Danny was chosen for Business Insider’s 42Under42 and Gloucestershire Live’s 30Under30 showcasing the most exciting entrepreneurs of 2020. He is also a speaker, a lecturer on the business of creativity and has been featured in places like the Huffington Post, Financial Times and the FSB’s First Voice.
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