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Business Recovery Toolkit

02nd September 2020, 09:09
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GFirst LEP decided to review the wealth of information being promoted during lockdown and, taking that as a base, develop a methodology that businesses of all sizes (from start-ups to SMEs and large companies) could apply as a road map for post-pandemic recovery. In designing this toolkit they recognised that businesses would be looking for quick and easy-to-apply solutions requiring minimal resources for implementation but offering maximum benefit.

After considering all these multidimensional factors, they decided to frame their recovery toolkit around business processes. It has been long recognised that for any form of change to be successfully implemented within a company it must start with business processes, considered from an end-2-end perspective. A deep examination of how a business delivers value to its clients can cut across all the barriers created by departments or operational functions, identifying potential waste and determining opportunities for digitisation, whilst all the time keeping an eye on the customer experience.

The team at GFirst LEP hope you’ll find this Business Recovery Toolkit a valuable framework to use when re-assessing your business practices.

You can access the Toolkit here.

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