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Gloucestershire activewear brand is UK’s first to launch a sustainable pre-order system

17th June 2022, 12:06
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Gloucestershire activewear brand is UK’s first to launch a sustainable pre-order system

Sara Da Silva Brazilian Sportswear, based in Gloucester, launched their first ever pre-order capsule collection in the UK. The exclusive ‘Sampa’ collection is available for pre-order until Sunday 19 June 2022—and it's another success story for this growing and ambitious Gloucestershire business. They have already reached full order book and have now extended availability. 

The collection consists of eight limited edition leggings designs, each pair made-to-order in a bid to make the brand more sustainable and offer more inclusive sizing without increasing waste. Customers pre-order and pay for their leggings in advance, choosing from their size and style. This innovative collection launch allows the business to engage with their clients in an innovative way that works for both parties. They have also been able to create a buzz on social media and build excitement around this new product and the anticipation of it launching. 

Co-founder Simon Monahan said to So Glos:

The initiative allows us to help reduce waste, build a more sustainable business model and reduce our carbon footprint. 99.99 per cent of contemporary fashion is available on-demand but puts a massive strain on the businesses, supply chains and the environment. Products are produced in surplus and speculatively using trading history and forecast models, leading to many wasted resources.

Usually, a collection or product line is paid for up to a year in advance and recouped over time. However, operating in this manner puts the business at high risk of over-exposure and is highly vulnerable to changes in market conditions, such as economic declines or changing consumer sentiment.

Given the current economic climate, rising inflation, and the emanating recession, finding a long-term solution was important, especially in the fashion industry, which is so fickle and vulnerable to change.

Sara Da Silva added:

We are so excited about this new way of doing business! We love that Sara Da Silva is taking steps toward creating a zero waste environment and making their clothes more inclusive.

Find out more about Sara Da Silva online here

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