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New BBfA partnership programme to provide business benefits for Gloucestershire companies

19th October 2017, 12:10
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Gloucestershire’s councillors and regulators gathered at The Growth Hub on 17th October, to launch a new partnership aimed at stimulating economic development; BBfA (Better Business for All).

Attendees heard from David Owen, Chief Executive of GFirst LEP, and Roland Curtis, Senior Executive Officer at BEIS; on how BBfA will change the way that businesses and regulators work together for mutual benefit.  Attendees also heard from RUSH Skatepark and Gloucester Biltong, two local businesses already reaping the rewards of working more closely with their regulators.

Jerry Norman, Founder of RUSH Skatepark, comments on his experience with Health & Safety regulators in Stroud:

Health and safety, to me, I thought was lots of paperwork and a lot of energy, resource and time. I was proven wrong. I think it was Maxine's approach; the way she came to us and said, 'I want to work with you.' We would never have gotten it right without Maxine's help. If you can get it right from the start, you make it a lot easier for yourselves.

This improved dialogue aims to encourage businesses to engage with regulators in a positive and proactive manner, to ensure that their organisations are not making any mistakes that might cost them in the longer term. This leaves the regulatory bodies free to dedicate their enforcement to those businesses and individuals who are actively breaking the rules.

David Owen, Chief Executive of GFirst LEP, comments;

We’ve seen fantastic things from BBfA in other parts of the country, and we want Gloucestershire businesses to start reaping those rewards too. A better relationship between both parties has clear mutual benefits. Gloucestershire is fully behind the programme, and using The Growth Hub as a central point of access; we’re going to make it a great success.

Cllr Mark Hawthorne MBE, Leader of Gloucestershire County Council, comments;

The launch of Better Business for All is fantastic news for our county. This partnership is very much a two-way street, where regulators can learn from businesses and develop the right services, and businesses can take responsibility for their compliance and avoid any potential pitfalls ahead. Gloucestershire County Council are fully behind this programme.

Businesses can find out more about BBfA and how they can work with their local regulators, by visiting the Legislation section.

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