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Pink Noise Systems shout out about Growth Hub Net Zero support

13th October 2022, 08:10
Net zero
Pink Noise

Pinknoise Systems are market leaders in supplying location sound equipment. Their main office is based in Gloucester and during the Brexit transition, a second office was set up in Dublin to service their EU customers.

The business prides itself in providing a top-quality service and high customer care, ensuring that all the top brands are continuously in stock and able to be delivered into a fast-moving marketplace. Not only do they provide all the top international brands, but they also have an internal workshop, allowing cables to be custom made.

As a responsible SME business, Pinknoise Systems aims to be as green as possible and to be on board with their journey to reach Net Zero. Under the initiative of the newly appointed Operations Director - Mitchell Agg - the business reached out to the Growth Hub. After support and guidance from the Net Zero team, they have now calculated their carbon emissions and gained a carbon footprint.  They are subsequently working on a reduction programme in their operations, reviewing emissions in their supply chain, and rewriting their Green Policy, to be updated on the company website.

“It was a pleasure working with and gaining support from the Growth Hub Net Zero team and we're now excited to continue our journey towards Net Zero.” Mitchell Agg


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