David Brewis

Retired Entrepeneur
Business Planning & Strategy, Product Development, Sales, Financial Reporting
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Expertise & Experience

David’s major areas of expertise are:

  • Marketing and advertising 
  • Food and beverage 
  • Retail

Location: Gloucester

David’s experience is in Marketing, Sales, Finance and Consultancy and he has developed it in businesses ranging in size from multinational to owner/manager and including family owned. He has worked at Director level and has experience of developing and implementing business strategy and team building as well as understanding and influencing the culture of an organisation.

David worked in business sectors as diverse as food, petfood, furniture, transport, education, and professional support and can work successfully in a variety of environments. Most recently he had a famers’ market stall selling homemade gluten free bakery products – he was also the chef!

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I moved to Gloucester about 4 years ago and am really keen to use my skills and experience to help independent businesses succeed.

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