What is Net Zero?

When your business removes as many greenhouse gas emissions as it produces, you’ve reached Net Zero. Your impact on global warming is now zero.

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions by up to 90% is possible, by avoiding activities that produce emissions, or finding alternative ways to reduce emissions. It may not be possible to avoid all emissions, which is where carbon capture projects have a role.

Why is it important?

The UK Government has committed to halving national carbon emissions by 2030 and reaching Net Zero entirely by 2050.

Aside from tackling climate change, sustainable businesses will benefit financially, reputationally, and commercially in an increasingly socially and environmentally conscious business landscape. Make a pledge and join the race to Net Zero 2050.

How it works: what your first steps look like

 Here’s what you can expect:

Step 1: Diagnostic

Meet with our sustainability experts to talk all things Net Zero, plot the specific business benefits of going green, and start planning the steps in carbon reduction.

Step 2: Carbon Audit

Every journey toward Net Zero begins with a Carbon Audit. You’ll participate in three meetings over a three-month period – fully funded – to gather, analyse, and visualise emissions across your entire business. At the end of this process you will have calculated your organisation’s baseline and have ideas about how this could be reduced. You’ll be required to keep your carbon footprint up to date to track your progress.

Step 3: Sustainability Signposting

As your journey unfolds, we’ll provide guidance and signpost you towards resources designed to help you tackle carbon challenges across your business. Planning on applying for B Corp status; need support on addressing standards and environmental measures; interested in Life Cycle Assessment and the Green Claims Code? We’ve got the know-how.

Meet the team

Andrew McKenzie
Sustainability Business Guide

With over 20 years’ experience working with businesses to reduce their environmental impacts, Andrew is our go-to in-house sustainability specialist.

Before joining us, Andrew spent many years as a corporate sustainability lead implementing an award-winning CSR programme, for which he received a Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Sustainable Development.

Photograph of Toby Waller

Toby Waller
Sustainability Business Navigator

With more than 25 years’ experience working in international business, Toby helps advise SME’s on starting their journey towards Net Zero.

By supporting businesses in their understanding of carbon auditing and providing high-level guidance on ways towards sustainability – we’re here to help make Gloucestershire a green place to do business.

How else can we help?

b corp logo

B Corp

Certified B Corporations have been rigorously assessed on their entire social and environmental impact, and judged to be a progressive, sustainable, and fair organisation. B Corps are attractive to employers, preferred by suppliers, and desirable investment vehicles. 

iso logo

ISO Standards

For a tried and tested method to follow, and a framework to showcase your sustainability, if you need understanding of the environmental aspects of ISO 14001 or the impacts involved with your energy operations, we can guide you on this important standard.

Green Claims Code

The 2021 Green Claims Code introduced guidance to help businesses understand and comply with their existing obligations under consumer protection law when making environmental claims. We can signpost you to the code to help achieve and maintain compliance

recycle logo

Life Cycle Assessment

All your product and services have environmental impacts that extend beyond the provision and sale of them. A broad understanding of a Life Cycle Assessment will help visualise the total impact of what your business produces, allowing you to track and manage it.

Waste minimisation

Waste is often a visible by-product of inefficient operations.  Designing waste out of your value chain is an easy and cost-effective way to reduce your carbon emissions. With a waste minimisation strategy in place, these activities become embedded in your culture.

Mitigation & Adaptation

Mitigation is about reducing your carbon emissions, whereas adaptation is preparing for the adverse effects of climate change and minimizing the impact on your businesses. We can help understand the steps involved in preparing for change.

Start your Net Zero journey today:

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Established Business
Net Zero & Sustainability

“Toby and Andrew are carbon angels. They will take the stress and complexity out of your carbon journey and turn it into easy to deliver, manageable parts. More importantly they leave you with a legacy, that will stay with your organisation for years to come.”

Robert Panou

Head of Development and Assets


GCH employee