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The Growth Hub provides FREE business support and resources to help you and your business, whether you’re starting a new business or looking at potential growth, we have the expertise, advice and guidance you need to succeed.

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Finance at The Growth Hub


A clear understanding of all your financial options is an essential starting point in making your growth plans work. Accessing the right option at the right time will help you achieve your aims.
Innovation at The Growth Hub


Innovation, invention and creativity characterise Gloucestershire. Thinking imaginatively in a county that embraces innovation will allow you to capitalise on the opportunities available and enjoy business growth.
People & Skills at The Growth Hub

People & Skills

All businesses depend upon their employees. From growing SMEs to multi-nationals, it’s the people that make the difference.
Sales & Marketing at the Growth Hub

Sales & Marketing

The key to business success is marketing. How you reach, interact, and sell to your customers determines your rate of growth and sets you apart from your competitors.
Operations at The Growth Hub


Streamlining your processes will improve your operational efficiency and can increase customer satisfaction, helping your business grow.
Strategy at the Growth Hub


Strategy is king. It can make or break a business at any stage, so getting it right is crucial.
Export at the Growth Hub


Trading overseas can have a huge impact on your business. As a catalyst for growth, export offers additional income streams and access to vast new markets. But it needs careful consideration and preparation.
Start-ups at The Growth Hub

Start Ups

If you’re an early-stage business in Gloucestershire, The Growth Hub is the go-to place for essential advice, support, collaboration and networking.
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EU Exit

The UK has left the EU. How has it affected your business? Do you need support?
Survive & Thrive


As we pass two years of the Coronavirus pandemic, we understand the impact it has had on your business. We're here to help you hurdle the challenges and find the opportunities. Equip yourself with the resources and knowledge to make key business decisions during, and after, turbulence.

Three Sixty

New Student Consultancy project from the University of Gloucestershire.

Net Zero

Grow, adapt and seize new opportunities while cutting your emissions. Take small, practical steps to be part of the UK’s journey to net zero by 2050.
Business mentoring service

Hub Mentors

Hub Mentors is The Growth Hub's business mentoring programme. We are looking for high-calibre mentors and ambitious mentees to join our team.


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The Growth Hub offers a one-stop shop for support; be that funding, training or general expertise. There are very few providers that can offer the same services that The Growth Hub can, and that’s why we use them.
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