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Business development workshops to keep local entrepreneurs busy in April

28th March 2017, 09:03
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Business development workshops to keep local entrepreneurs busy in April

The Growth Hub is springing forward in April to offer a series of business development workshops for local businesses. Available free-of-charge to any Gloucestershire entrepreneurs or companies, these workshops are fully-funded by the Regional Growth Fund and offer quickfire upskilling on topics identified as important by the business community.

4th April – Lean Business Planning

This half day workshop will deliver the use of the Lean Business Model for developing business plans for startups and mature businesses alike.   Building on the material used by leading business schools, the course will explain how the process can be applied and, in some highly practical sessions, will demonstrate using the tools. More information >>

6th April – Improving Governance – Strengthening Voluntary & Charity Sectors

This workshop is aimed at voluntary and community sector organisations and individuals in the business world who are, or who are considering becoming trustees. Attendees will be able to go away and do something different that will improve their charity and enable them to deliver even greater impact in Gloucestershire. More information >>

7th April – Strategic Planning & The Emergent Way

This workshop will be of use to those that are at a relatively immature stage of thinking about organisational strategy and strategic directions, and those that are seeking to broaden their thinking around strategic planning. More information >>

11th April – Finance & Profits

This workshop will get you to think about what your business objectives are and how putting in simple financial procedures will allow you to run a more profitable and efficient business.  It will be interactive, inspiring and informative to any size business, and is run by a tutor who has commercial as well as academic knowledge and is a qualified accountant. More information >>

25th April – Using Systems Effectively

This workshop will provide an insight for businesses wanting to know how to get the best out of existing and new systems, and will tackle subjects including the cloud, system change, benefits assessment, growth through systems and more. More information >>

28th April – Effective Meetings & Problem Solving

This is based on Edward de Bono’s Thinking Hats principal.  We’ll identify six different ways of thinking and contributing to solutions in meetings, each represented by different coloured hats.  You’ll see how changing hats, can change the whole mood and direction of the meeting as we explore the theory and then the practice, with both lighthearted and real life scenarios.  Prepare to have the ways you approach meetings and problem solving challenged, prepare for a highly interactive and fun session, and, above all, prepare to change hats. More information >>

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