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03rd April 2015, 12:04
Sales & marketing

Gaps in digital capability mean that the UK’s small businesses are missing out on a huge opportunity for growth.

  • Latest research shows that annual website sales totalled £193 billion in 2013
  • Businesses that are using the internet to promote or trade online are almost twice as likely grow
  • But only 60% of small and medium sized businesses have a website, and only 33% trade online.

The most common barriers for small businesses not being more digitally active are:

  • Awareness (including the relevance of trading online to their business)
  • A lack of the right skills
  • A lack of confidence in accessing and judging the quality of the support available.

As part of the Business is GREAT campaign, Government has put together this playlist of videos showcasing how businesses across the UK have done more online by having a website, using social media, selling online, and using mobile technologies:


If you would like help to grow online you can either call the Business Support Helpline on 0300 456 3565 or contact us directly on 01242 715400 or


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