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Five-part podcast to help Gloucestershire businesses with EU Exit

24th March 2021, 17:03
Eu exit
Five-part podcast to help Gloucestershire businesses with EU Exit

Whether you see it as an opportunity or a challenge, the United Kingdom is no longer part of the single market or customs union in Europe. This is the reality that we, as businesses, must face and embrace together.

Of course, a problem shared is a problem halved, so we went looking for people who are making positive, active changes. What we found was a group of businesses adapting their practices, and advisors finding the best routes to do so. Launched as part of the 'Navigating EU Exit' programme of support, this five-part podcast will interviews experts and businesses alike, in order to find the anecdotes, top tips, and insider knowledge, to help all of us move forward.

Episode One - The Accountant's View: Randall & Payne

Episode Two - The Public Business View: Renishaw PLC

Episode Three - The Lawyer's View: BPE Solicitors

Episode Four - The Insurer's View: Alastair James

Episode Five - The SME's View: ProCook


And you can find the entire series here.


Brexit support Gloucestershire businesses


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