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GFirst LEP secure a £116,000 fund for SME Digital Capability

01st October 2014, 15:10

By bringing together specialist digital expertise within Gloucestershire, GFirst LEP will be utilising £116,000 of match funding to increase local SME businesses online presence and increase their cyber security. The delivery of this innovative and sustainable project featuring an online diagnostic tool, through the services of The Growth Hub, will see local businesses have access to local experts and bespoke online concepts for their products and services.

The project will encourage businesses with little or no presence online to develop and implement online strategies, as well as protect and alert them to the risk of cyber-attacks. The exciting diagnostic tool will enable businesses to identify their digital profile, seek appropriate options specifically for them in developing a digital presence and have access to the resources that will make it all possible and successful.

David Owen, Chief Executive of GFirst LEP, commented: “In support of the Government’s recent Digital High Street Campaign, our GFirst LEP sector group members have worked hard to secure this funding opportunity. It is fantastic that the project is being delivered through The Growth Hub, which has the skills to identify the best local resources and expertise for our businesses, along with access to the best pool of skilled practitioners and academics.”

Jeannie Cohen-Brand, Commercial Manager of The Growth Hub, said: “This is a hugely exciting project for The Growth Hub; it shows the strength of our partnership with GFirst LEP and how we are securing great opportunities to support businesses in the county, and build vital skills that will support their growth.” 

The services will be brought to Gloucestershire’s businesses through a series of workshops and events at The Growth Hub, these sessions will provide bespoke products and services, ensuring they are current and relevant to our county’s businesses. A fantastic example of how the funding will be utilised, is by GFirst LEP’s Retail Sector Group by encouraging towns and high streets to develop their online presence. The project will build on GFirst LEP’s Retail Pathfinder objectives, which aims to encourage local retailers to drive their ambition for a local digital high street, which is personalised and adapted to them.

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