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Give back to your local community through Employer Supported Policing

05th July 2022, 10:07
People & skills
Give back to your local community through Employer Supported Policing

Employer Supported Policing aims to engage local and national businesses in supporting Special Constables. Gloucestershire Constabulary is asking employers to support their staff to volunteer as Special Constables by giving them paid time off to aid with their duties.

As a supporting employer, your staff will be trained as special constables - volunteer police officers. These special constables, once trained following SC PEQF (Police Education Qualification Framework) through blended learning approach, will carry out patrols in their local areas with the same powers as regular police officers and in many cases alongside experienced police officers.

By supporting such a unique voluntary role, you are also supporting your local communities in terms of helping make neighbourhoods a safer place to live and work in.
It also brings an enhanced level of diverse culture, knowledge base and skills to policing. 

At present 433 companies are signed up nationally and they allow their staff who are Special Constables between 2 and 24 days extra paid time off annually. The scheme is completely bespoke in order to suit a business’s individual requirements and importantly, there is no contractual obligation on businesses who register.

To find out more, please contact Linda O’Brien, Employer Supported Policing (ESP) Co-ordinator: Linda.O'

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