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Useful Links No Matter What Stage Your Business Is At

09th October 2014, 15:10
Useful Links No Matter What Stage Your Business Is At

Whether starting out or flying high, here we share resources to help you on your journey to bettering your business.

Gov.UK Main Site – The new place to find government services and information. Simpler, clearer, faster.

Business & Self Employment Section – Information about starting up and running a business in the UK, including help if you’re self employed or a sole trader.

Growing your Business – Steps you can take to help grow your business, and support your business as it grows.

Starting a Business – If you’re thinking of starting up a business.

Set up as a Sole Trader – Register as a sole trader with HM Revenue & Customs and legal responsibilities if you run a business as a sole trader.

Setting up a Social Enterprise – If you’re starting a business that helps people or communities (a ‘social enterprise’)

Business Finance – Support Finder – Search for publicly-backed finance or support for your business.

Which finance is right for your business – Work out what type of finance is best for your business, taking into account your business’ size, turnover, your willingness to offer shares and the amount of funding you need.

Business Finance Explained – A guide to help you understand your finance options.

Business Tax Includes Corporation Tax, Self Assessment, Capital Gains Tax and VAT.

Business Funding & Debt – Everything you need to know about Business Funding & Debt.

Expenses and Employee Benefits – Includes company cars and paying tax on employee benefits

Business Training & Networking Events Finder – Use the Events Finder to search for business related training, workshops, networking events and seminars.

Contracts Finder – Lets you search for information about contracts worth over £10,000 with the government and its agencies.

Licence Finder – Applying for licences from your council for events and businesses.

Employing staff for the first time – There are 5 things you need to do when employing staff for the first time.

Employing People – Includes pay, contracts and hiring.

The national Business Support Helpline Tel: 0845 600 9006 (9.00am – 6.00pm Monday to Friday) Is also available to provide a quick response service to people with simple questions about or running a business. It also provides a more in-depth service for those with more complex enquiries.

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