Growth Hub Mentors

Learn the hard lessons the easy way with our mentor matchmaking service. We’ll pair you with somebody who’s been-there-done-that, and has the knowledge and know-how to get you where you need to be.

Whether you’re looking for experience in a niche sector, a black book of contacts and connections, or just somebody to keep you accountable – there’s a Mentor for you at The Growth Hub Gloucestershire.

Pursuing success together

From innovative startups to established enterprises, our Hub Mentors are dedicated to empowering every Gloucestershire business with insights and strategies for sustained growth and success.

The magic of mentorship

Our Hub Mentors are passionate about helping Gloucestershire businesses be the best they can be. As a partner on your journey, they’re more than just advisors – using their experience, connections, and knowledge to guide you through your challenges and find the fastest route to where you want to be.

To find out more about our Mentorship Programme or apply for a Hub Mentor, please contact your local Growth Hub.

How our matchmaking works

We don’t just match you with whoever’s available, we work hard to find the right mix of chemistry and character – not to mention the specific skills and sector experience you need. Your Navigator will introduce you to the Mentor they think suits you best, but you’ll have the final say whether it’s the right fit.

Meet our mentors

Each of our Mentors has navigated the challenges, celebrated the victories, and honed their skills over years of senior experience, entrepreneurialism, or business foundership.

Interested in becoming a mentor?

Do you want to inspire the next generation of Gloucestershire entrepreneurs, or would you like to work with established business leaders to overcome their complex challenges?

If so, get in touch with your local Growth Hub.

charlie ogden-metherell profile photo

Charlie Ogden-Metherell

Founder and CEO, i2i Recruitment Consultancy


Business Planning & Strategy, People, Sales
colin profile photo

Colin Hall-Tomkin

Property Development


Business Planning & Strategy, Financial Reporting, Marketing
david brewis profile photo

David Brewis

Retired Entrepeneur


Business Planning & Strategy, Product Development, Sales, Financial Reporting
david chapman profile photo

David Chapman, Lead Mentor

Coach, Mentor, Facilitator, GROW-Studio


Business Planning & Strategy, Project Management, Product Development, Sales, Partnership & Franchise
david snell profile photo

David Snell

Solar Energy Advisor


Business Planning & Strategy, Sales, Marketing, Social Media
granger forson profile photo

Granger Forson

Owner BizSmart Gloucestershire


Business Planning & Strategy, Project Management, Product Development, People, Marketing
ian bourne profile photo

Ian Bourne

CEO, Cloud2020


Business Planning & Strategy, Project Management, Product Development, People, Sales
Jon quinn profile photo

Jonathan Quinn

Managing Director at Geckota


Product Development, Marketing, E-commerce, Social Media
lindsey holland profile photo

Lindsey Holland

Owner, Cleeve Hill Hotel


Business Planning & Strategy, Project Management, People, Marketing, Social Media
martyn gill profile photo

Martyn Gill

Co-Founder & President, Orna Inc.


Business Planning & Strategy, Project Management, Product Development, Marketing, Funding